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  1. in Weird History Royalty The Signature Afflictions Suffered By Some Of History's Most Famous Royals k readers History What Happened To The Offspring of History's Most Nefarious Figures After They Died? M readers Celebrities The Most Famous Celebrity Scandals And Gossip From Every Decade Since The Turn Of The 20th Century k readers READ Controversial Versions Of Popular Bible.
  2. May 15,  · 'Weird as hell’: the Covid patients who have symptoms for months Researchers keen to work out why some people are suffering from ‘long tail’ form of the virus Coronavirus – latest updates.
  3. Weird or Confusing there's a lot of strange stuff out there! This is your one stop destination for all that is strange. There's a lot of odd stuff out there, really, weird stuff.
  4. Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic (/ ˈ j æ ŋ k ə v ɪ k / YANG-kə-vik; born October 23, ) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, satirist, actor, music video director, and author who is known for humorous songs that make light of pop culture and often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. He also performs original songs that are style pastiches of.
  5. Strange art: There is an almost infinite amount of weird stuff available in the art world. For example, some people like to collect black velvet Elvis paintings. Others get a delight out of morbid designs or surreal paintings that look great on their walls.
  6. News of the Weird in Entertainment August 07, LEAD STORY -- Recent Alarming Headline. A July 29 headline in the Ken-Ton Bee in Kenmore, New York, caught the attention of The Buffalo News: "Leprechaun spotted looting cars on Hamilton Boulevard.".
  7. Aug 10,  · An upcoming book will explore Weird Al Yankovic's rise to fame in the mids. The book is titled, Black & White & Weird All Over: The Lost Photographs of Weird Al Yankovic '83 - .
  8. Aug 02,  · Two unpopular teenagers, Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly, fail at all attempts to be accepted by their peers. Their desperation to be liked leads them to "create" a woman via their computer.

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