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  1. She gets up in the afternoon The sun will set behind her When the twilight comes The magic one, will gaze on you Seconds last for hours all evening This purple room is breathing To the milky way I turn my gaze It's a mystery Years go by, wonder what you did Yet in a.
  2. Aug 02,  · As for the audio quality, the LP is supposed to be much better. I haven't heard the CD I've been told it was very badly mastered, as if the wrong Dolby encoding was used on playback. A remixed, expanded two disc CD of the Anniversary tour is being released this year, so it's unlikely that "The Living Enz" will make a reappearance anytime soon.
  3. Hermit McDermitt Lyrics: CHORUS / I'm Hermit McDermitt, if there's a better way I'll learn it / I'm Hermit McDermitt, my irregular ways confirm it / I'm Hermit McDermitt, in my tower of ivory / If.
  4. Jul 24,  · They screwed up split Enz on CD My Time & Tide Warner CD is easily the worst ever, loudest beyond the threshold of pain! ranasakawa, Oct 26, If I remember correctly, the remix uses the Rootin' Tootin' Luton demo of "Hermit McDermitt" rather than the album version recorded at The Manor. The band always preferred the demo.
  5. Album: Extravagenza / Original Release Date: Genre: Rock. Song Duration: 5 min 33 sec. Hermit Mcdermitt Split Enz. Top Split Enz Lyrics I Got You Nice To Know Missing Person Message To My Girl Jamboree I See Red No Mischief History Never Repeats Dirty Creature Crosswords. Related Split Enz Links Split Enz wiki Hermit Mcdermitt video.
  6. Mar 07,  · Split Enz performing "Hermit McDermitt" from Frenzy album -filmed at channel 7 studios for Enz Video release- 7th January
  7. The final album "See ya' round" was initially going to be just an EP, that is 4 or so songs. But common sense prevailed, and a full album was produced. Side one featured 6 fine Neil Finn tunes, while side two was thrown open to the rest of the band to come with offerings. Thus it is one of the more eclectic sides in Split Enz history.
  8. Writing this review from Oslo, Norway, I despair never having seen Split Enz in action. Most likely I never will either. This live CD is from their anniversary tour of They played live again in , but alas, only in their own 'backyard'. I have seen Neil play before, at the Domain in Sydney in and once in Oslo before that/5(5).

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