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  1. The Art of Beauty. Inspired by the purity of light and the elemental energy of Taos, NM, renegade natural beauty pioneers Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley lead the evolution of clean color cosmetics with Vapour.
  2. Flicking easily from the heavy, sheets of sound produced by his old school contemporaries, Surgeon fuses the old with the new on fabric 53, creating connections between the oppressing and the minimal that have never been as simply decoded. Honing in on.
  3. Feb 13,  · Chris Holmes cover of Gary Numan as featured on the CD 'Random: A Gary Numan Tribute'. Images from the documentary 'White Diamond' made by Werner Herzog. htt.
  4. One of these DJs was Birmingham techno heavyweight Surgeon, who went on to include Fran’s ‘It Was Written in Vapour’ (Audio Assault, ) on his ‘Fabric 53’ mix CD.
  5. Meet the man who wants to destroy the vaping industry. No, not Elmo. The other guy. The United States Surgeon General released a report today that slammed e-cigarettes and called for even more regulation and taxation.. In the completely biased report, Vivek Murthy chooses to focus almost exclusively on the highly manipulative and alarmist “think of the children” argument.
  6. Looking for a fabric to compliment your vintage decor? We carry fabrics with colors and designs that pay homage to mid century modern styles and colors, 80's neon, 50's diner sparkle vinyls. Give your home, office, or RV a fun, campy retro look! Browse our selection of retro fabric for your upholstery, quilting, and drapery projects.
  7. Surgeon - Klonk Part 1 (Drums Only) Subeena - Picture Fran Hartnett - It Was Written In Vapour Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Hostage Stephen Brown - Stress Free Ancient Methods - AM04B1 Surgeon - Compliance Momentum Greena - Tenzado Starkey - Spacecraft Starkey feat. Anneka - Stars (Slugabed Did A Remix)

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