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  1. Jun 29,  · He reminded me that the Kingdom of God is a pearl of great price (Mt. , 46) and then said, "Child, you are chosen to be part of my Kingdom, and you are cherished by your heavenly Father." Angels came and surrounded us, each one of them smiling warmly.
  2. Neither is the depth of my personal loss over someone I feel so privileged to have been so close to. Yet, the angle of Mrs. Weissbrot as survivor is real and a primary part of her, even if it was so often concealed. What follows, long as it is, is the tip of the iceberg, shared in the hope of illuminating this very beloved and cherished friend.
  3. Obinnex - I love this piece on love painted as one's cherished muse. Indeed, love is the muse that is 'a golden dream / surreal fantasy / wonders of life / with one's personal angel'. Love being the metaphor for the woman he loves that emerged to linger in his heart: 'a beautiful woman / lovely, divine, my sweet melody / a precious stone melted into my being'.
  4. After the wolves and before the elms The bardic order ended in Ireland. Only a few remained to continue A dead art in a dying land: This is a man On the road.
  5. Awake, my cherished Ill greet you when you Awake with a kiss that can bridge the miles Awake, my dearest, and long for me when I awake. Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh. As rain should fall Ill run into the storm Await my return with shelter from the fray.
  6. Tough Realities Addressed in Cherished review and other Christian fiction book reviews, news, and author interviews. Find out more about Tough Realities Addressed in Cherished and other.
  7. The Garden. The words basi legani are taken from Solomon ’s Song of Songs.. The The garden is our world. Announcing His arrival here in this garden is G‑d Himself garden is our world. Announcing His arrival here in this garden is G‑d Himself—who refers to it not as “a garden,” but as “My garden.” All that He created belongs to Him, but of all the myriad spiritual emanations and.
  8. I made the trip in my steel-blue Cadillac De Ville, the two door convertible, and one of my cherished possessions. Renovo, only about six miles from the trailhead leading to Dutchman’s Hollow, seemed like a good place to act as a “base” for my investigation.
  9. Kelly Christopher O’Keefe Snider, age 25, passed away unexpectedly on July 29, , after a long battle with addiction, relapsing after 2 ½ years of happy, healthy, and hopeful living. He was.

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