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  1. Dec 15,  · A Great line optical illusion that strategically places black and white tiles to distort your peripheral vision that make the lines appear to be crooked. The little dots below look like they are changing color as they rotate around the center. However, if you concentrate on a single dot, this is definitely not the case!
  2. Jul 12,  · "An illusion is a phenomenon in which our subjective perception doesn't match the physical reality of the world," Susana Martinez-Conde, director of the visual neuroscience lab at Barrow Neurological Institute, told ABC News. Some people use drugs to achieve similar hallucinogenic effects.
  3. Oct 08,  · That the album remains one of alt-rock's most enduring documents is down to Corgan's acute commercial vision — the way he dolled up the confessional indulgence of "Today" and "Disarm" in .
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  5. Illusion - Illusion - Optical phenomena: Numerous optical illusions are produced by the refraction (bending) of light as it passes through one substance to another in which the speed of light is significantly different. A ray of light passing from one transparent medium (air) to another (water) is bent as it emerges. Thus, the pencil standing in water seems broken at the surface where the air.
  6. An optical illusion made of tiles. Courtesy of Duncan Cook/Casa Ceramica This floor design by UK-based tile company Casa Ceramica went viral on Reddit back in October. Installed in the entrance to one of the company's showrooms in Manchester, the illusion stops people from running in the hallways.
  7. PHIL: Hi, I’m Phil Johnson, and I’m here in the studio with John MacArthur. And we’ve set aside the next hour or so to discuss a movement known as the Emerging Church. Now, John, that’s going to b.
  8. It doesn't matter which term is more accurate or current, as far as Wikipedia is concerned. "Optical illusion" is the common name and so we go with that. "Visual illusion" is too vague for our purposes; if you google it, you actually get more hits for "optical illusion". .

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