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  1. n lacuna A pit or hollow. Specifically— In bot.: n lacuna A gap; a hiatus; especially, a vacancy caused by the omission, loss, or obliteration of something necessary to continuity or completeness.; n lacuna In conchology, the typical genus of Lacunidæ. L. vincta is a common New England species. This small shell resembles a periwinkle, but. is thinner and of slenderer Missing: Cycle Of Events.
  2. the citric acid cycle takes place in the cells. c. carbohydrates are broken down and electrons are transferred to oxygen. d. there is an accumulation of lactic acid in the tissues due to the absence of oxygen. e. carbon dioxide is produced in the Krebs cycle. ANS: A PTS: 1 REF: p. OBJ: Bloom's: Knowledge 3.
  3. Lacunae occur as a consequence of tissue shrinkage and sectioning artifacts, whereas cell death often involves infiltration of defense cells (for clearance), increased compensatory proliferation of adjacent cells, changes in cell morphology, and the existence of debris, therefore rendering increased congestion of the tissue and not the opposite.
  4. Cartilage. The cartilage cells or chondrocytes are contained in cavities in the matrix, called cartilage lacunae; around these, the matrix is arranged in concentric lines as if it had been formed in successive portions around the cartilage cells. This constitutes the so-called capsule of the space. Each lacuna is generally occupied by a single cell, but during the division of the cells, it Missing: Cycle Of Events.
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  6. Submissions are currently closed. What we don’t publish. Children’s books; Coffee table books; Chap books and novelty books; Genre books (eg crime, romance) unless the work has sufficient originality and literary aspects beyond the usual formulas of the genre Memoirs / life writing unless the work focuses on broad themes rather than your personal journey; for an example, see Cycle .
  7. How to use lacuna in a sentence. Example sentences with the word lacuna. lacuna example reletebircendtisjasohhendrondestking.coinfog: Cycle Of Events.
  8. ‘The editorial file I examined has some obvious lacunae and is very thin on letters from Pynchon (someone probably filched them, alas).’ ‘Unfortunately, the only evidence that the inscription provides for identifying the father of Flavia Menandra is his gentilicium and a lacuna of nine or ten letters for his cognomen.’Missing: Cycle Of Events.
  9. Apartment Premises containing two or more residential dwelling units. Hotels, bed & breakfasts, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. consisting primarily of guest rooms and/or transient accommodations, are not included. Application A written request for .

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