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  1. Also the RIAA eq curve is a thing on top of that to make it possible to store bass sounds in a the groove of a vinyl. Do an A/B test on the bass extension between a properly mastered digital file and the same track on vinyl and the bass on vinyl and it's super clear that the articulation and response times of the digital file is far superior.
  2. Feb 20,  · The “Spring Fever” double-LP set you mention is, in fact, a reissue of two earlier seminal Evans works – “Portrait in Jazz” and “Explorations” – both of which have been continuously in print in various formats since these were released in including CD and MP3.
  3. Eternal Black, Live at WFMU IAH, IAH Bong Wish, Bong Wish EP Rattlesnake, Outlaw Boogie Demo Hollow Leg, Murder Mars Red Sky, Myramyd Avon, Six Wheeled Action Man Tank 7″ Wretch, Bastards Born. Honorable Mention. Across Tundras, Blood for the Sun / Hearts for the Rain The Discussion, Tour EP Fungus Hill, Creatures.
  4. 2 sheets of glass (must be larger than the lp diameter) 3. a sunny day. method: place the lp on a sheet of glass. place the other sheet of glass on top of the lp. stand the lot in the sun for a bit. as the sun softens the lp, the weight of the glass will gently flatten out the record again and won’t damage the grooves #2 lpcoverlover says.
  5. On both sides of the LP the audio begins in the widely spaced lead groove on the original edition, but appearing as a Combine XXX - Due Process - Combine XXIII-XXXV track on most later editionsand at the end of the side, the audio continues into the locked groove.
  6. NON's Pagan Muzak (Gray Beat, ) is a one-sided 7-inch with multiple locked grooves and two center holes, meaning each locked groove can be played at two different trajectories as well as any number of speeds. The original release came with instructions for the listener to drill more holes in the record as they saw appropriate.
  7. Vintage Vinyl specializes in collectable, rare, original vinyl recordings in ALL genres of music. In the field of rock, we are especially known for our stock in such "unique" areas as Psychedelic, Progressive, and Krautrock, and Mod. We also have excellent selections of jazz, blues, soul, soundtracks, folk, classical, New Wave and much, much more Yelp reviews.
  8. Alison Mosshart - Sound Wheel [LP] New Vinyl: $ Vinyl LP pressing. Sound Wheel is artist and musician Alison Mosshart's first solo spoken word album and companion piece to her new printed collection of paintings, photographs, short stories and poetry, Car Ma. It .

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